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Dairy Industry

Green Pastures

Iringa Comparative Advantages in Dairy Farming

  • Suitable land for dairy cattle over a large part of the Region even for medium and large scale dairy farms.
  • Existence of model large farms such as ASAS, Phillips, Ndoto Farm, MT Huwel, etc. that are the source of knowledge and quality heifers.
  • There is a livestock multiplication farm in Mufindi.
  • There is demand for raw milk by ASAS.

Potential Investment Business Lines

  • Multiplication and selling of quality heifers with high milk yield and disease tolerance.
    • Production and marketing of recommended folder seeds.
    • Production and marketing of dairy cattle food supplements.
    • Hay baling for sale to other livestock keepers especially those in the peri-urban.
    • Milk production using improved dairy cattle is a profitable business.
    • Milk processing business to produce pasteurized milk, fermented milk, yoghurt, cheese, butter, etc.

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) reported that in 2016/2017 the number of cattle had reached 30.6 million much of the growth is attributed to the indigenous breeds estimated to constitute 98% of the stock. Despite the large number of cattle, Tanzania does not meet its demand as manifested in low consumption of about 40lites per annum per capita as compared to say 80lites in Kenya, significant importation and high price. Milk production has been growing at an annual rate of more than 3.5% per annum, far below the Tanzania Livestock Master Plan. The 3% improved dairy cattle accounts for 30% of the milk produced in the country and 70% of the milk that is marketed in formal channels. Tanzania Milk Processors Association (TAMPA) estimate that factories operate at 25% of installed capacity due to shortage of milk. In the Southern Highlands (Iringa, Mbeya, Njombe, Songwe and Rukwa) installed capacity is about 70,000litres per day while operations are around 30,000 litres per day. There is demand for milk in Iringa for marketing all over Tanzania.

Iringa Municipal

Mwangata and Ngelewala

Value addition to the Ngelewala Abattoir

  • Eight acres near the abattoir under construction suitable for animal fattening- feedlots project.
  • Establishment of small leather industry.
  • Establishment of Biogas plant


There are 7 acres that are suitable for establishing a pasture seed production about … from Iringa CBD (Google Earth Coordinates), the area is owned by the Iringa Municipal Council and is available long term hire/lease. It is accessible all year round and is served with piped water and electricity.

For more information contact:

Mafinga Town Council

There are 25 acres owned by Mafinga Town Council that have been earmarked for dairy animal multiplication unit (heifer production). At the site there are dairy buildings. The farm can produce milk that can be sold through nearby ASAS milk collection centre. The farm is suitable for production of pasture for marketing. There is water and electricity at the centre. (Google Earth Coordinates).

For more information contact:

A plot of 2.5 acres is available for an investor who wants to invest in livestock-based products such as meat and hide/skin industry, the land is owned by Mafinga TC. It is 4 kms from Mafinga Town CBD and is accessible by tarmac road, it is supplied with water and electricity. (Google Earth Coordinates).

For more information, contact:

Mafinga Town Council has allocated some 25 acres as a hub for dairy goat multiplication and production at ……. The Council is looking for a strategic investor who can develop the farm that can contribute to the growth of the dairy goat sector in Mafinga and beyond. The farm is 17kms towards …….. and is accessible by an all-weather road, it is supplied by electricity and major mobile phone networks are active in the area. (Google Earth Coordinates).

For more information contact:

Some 2.5 acres are available for an investor who plans to invest in packaging materials based on paper produced at Mgololo Paper Mills in Mufindi. The earmarked plot is 2kms from Mafinga CBD and is accessible by tarmac road and supplied with electricity and water. (Google Earth Coordinates).

For more information, contact:

Kilolo District

Ukumbi Village

Two hundred (200) acres are available at Ukumbi Village that formerly was under DADCO livestock cooperative society recommended for investment in dairy cattle. The village is 25 kms from Kilolo District headquarters towards ……. The farm is owned by village government (Current status?) and is up for lease by private investors. Other by products from dairying activities are production of heifers, production and marketing of pastures needed during dry season by dairy farmers in Iringa peri-urban. Milk from the farm has a ready market by ASAS – some …kms. At the farm, there is water, electricity and access road throughout the year. Mobile communication service is available. (Google Earth Coordinates).

For more information, contact:

Iringa District Council

At Mololo/Mgama there is a plot of 10 acres owned by Iringa District Council. It is recommended for establishing dairy processing plant or any other investment. It is adjacent to a well-established Iringa Dairy Development Cooperative Society farm. It is …….kms from Iringa Municipal and 5 from Tanzania – Zambia Highway. There is water and electricity. (Google Earth Coordinates).

For more information, contact:

Isimani Kising’a Igingilanyi Cluster

15 acres have been earmarked at Isimani some …..kms from Iringa Municipal) for investors in livestock –based value addition including for processing. The cluster has more than 162,000 cattle, 108,000 goats and 46,000 sheep kept by 15,000 households. Within the cluster there are 6 slaughter houses and 44 slaughter slabs producing hides. The allocated site is located along the great North road from Iringa to Dodoma. It is accessible by road throughout the year and electricity. Water can be accessed from ground water. (Google Earth Coordinates).

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Mlolo Mseke Ugwachanya Cluster

There are 5 acres at Mlolo proposed for possible Veterinary Pharmaceuticals factory. The plot is located some 30kms along the Tanzania – Zambia Highway. (Google Earth Coordinates).

For more information, contact:

Livestock multiplication unit in Mufindi.

Tanzania Veterinary Laboratory Agency (TVLC)

Source of quality Heifers nearby from private ranches

Large private ranches for inputs – ASAS, Kibebe Farm, Ndoto Farm, etc.

Heifer International Tanzania

Youth participation in dairy and strengthening milk marketing.


Coordination of sector development in corridor

Tanzania Dairy Board

Industry promotion, development, coordination and regulation

  • Heifer International


  • Tanzania Dairy Board