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Ruaha National Park
National park

Iringa Competitive Advantages in Tourism

Presence of Ruaha National Park with high concentration of wild animals in the food chain. A number of historical sites of national and international statue. Improved infrastructure like road network, electricity and telecommunication.   Closeness to the national capital – Dodoma. Diversity and vibrancy of economic activities that involve international companies. Security-Iringa is among top three safest towns in Tanzania. It has the most favourable climate, it is not hot, nor cold, it is warm and cool.

Tourism industry is growing significantly in Tanzania, between 2007 and 2017 tourists increased by more than 100% -almost doubled. Iringa is also experiencing strong growth as well. In 2018 the number of tourists who visited four main attractions– Ruaha National Park, Kalenga, Isimila and Iringa Boma reached more than 37,582 of whom 56% were foreign. Statistics for 2017 shows that Iringa had 28 accommodation premises that had 691 beds, this a very low number. There is high demand for tourist accommodation facilities near and inside the Ruaha National Park, outside the national park especially in villages bordering the national park, in Iringa Municipal and Mafinga Town, lodges and campsites along major tourist trails, etc.

Iringa Municipal

Kilolo Kihesa

  • Investment Opportunities Construction of standard hotels. At Kilolo Kihesa more 250hectares have been allocated for tourism related investments, this will include conference facilities, hotels, lodges, sports, malls, recreation centes, animal zoos, sports complexes, training institutions, etc.
  • Attractions: Urban tourism, Old Boma Museum, Handicrafts/Curio shops, Isimila/Igeleke old rock paintings. Tourist experiences:  Urban walk, Iringa sunset Igeleke
  • Accessibility and amenities: From Dar es Salaam by air (Air Tanzania Corporation 3 flights/week), chartered flights, about 1 hour flight time.   From Dodoma 260kms, 3 – 4 driving hours.

Kalenga Village

  • Investment opportunities: Presence of plots with tittle deeds for construction of accommodation facilities/ hotel or conference centers.
  • Attractions: First urban centre of Iringa region where Chief Mkwawa lived, Mkwawa Fort, Mkwawa skull. Mkwawa trail run every June 16th.  Preserved German soldier Erich Maas grave at Ibangamoyo Village. Traditional food at adjoining villages of Kalenga, Mangalali and Tosamaganga.
  • Tourist experiences: Eco-tourism, biking and hiking.
  • Accessibility and amenities: 15 kms tarmac road from Iringa Municipal towards Ruaha National Park. Piped water and electricity available.

Tungamalenga Village

  • Investment opportunities: Available 50 acres with tittle deed for construction of hotels, lodges, campsites, curio shops, and other tourism related enterprises.
  • Attractions: Wildlife tourism, cultural tourism.
  • Accessibility and amenities: Main road from Iringa town towards Ruaha National Park, Presence of airstrips inside Ruaha National Park. Close (17kms) to the gate to Ruaha National Park.

Migori Ward

  • Investment Opportunities Tented camps, Lodges along Iringa – Dodoma Highway. 
  • Attractions Mtera Dam and surrounding habitat.
  • Tourist experiences: Water sports canoeing, boating safari, sport fishing, birds watch, and walking safari.
  • Accessibility and amenities: About 70kms along Iringa Municipal – Dodoma Highway.

Malinzanga & Nyamahana Villages

  • Investment opportunities: Recreation hotels, rest houses, lodges and campsite, curio shops, etc.
  • Attractions: Photography tourism in MBOMIPA Wildlife Management Area. Mlambalasi-Mkwawa grave and cave, Cultural tourism activities. Photographic and walking safari. Wildlife tourism in MBOMIPA WMA and Ruaha National Park. Agro-tourism at Mlambalasi Irrigation scheme.  
  • Tourist experiences: Walking safari, photographic safari, cultural tourism, wild fruits and traditional cuisines. 
  • Accessibility and amenities: Road from Dodoma to Ruaha via Izazi approximately 60kmS from Migori) accessible throughout the year. Water and electricity available.

Mangalali Village

  • Investment opportunities: Approximately 50 acres for construction of lodges and campsite.
  • Attractions: Traditional worship area, riverside camp and hot spring, natural bridge 100 m span.
  • Tourist experiences: Hiking, motor rally, cultural activities, walking safaris /horse riding/biking.
  • Accessibility and amenities: 15Kms from Iringa Town via Mgera village. Water and electricity services under construction.

Mufindi District Council

Rungemba Village

  • Investment Opportunities: Tourist Lodges and Campsites.
  • Attractions:  Mwinyigumba Grave (19 Km from Mafinga Town and approx. 65 from Iringa town towards Mafinga, Pottery making, Cultural tourism including traditional dances and worship, Brick making using saw dust. 
  • Tourist experiences: Walking tours, traditional dances.
  • Accessibility and amenities: Tarmac road, water and electricity. Accommodation at Mafinga Town.

Mafinga-Sao Hill-Ngwazi Circuit

  • Investment Opportunities: Plots for construction of hotels, lodges in Sao Hill Forest, Hotels at Mafinga, Tour operator business.
  • Attractions: Lake Ngwazi Dam, Eco-tourism in Sao hill Plantation, Agri-Tourism in tea plantations.
  • Tourist experiences:  Canoeing, Sport fishing, Golf sport, Apiary tourism, Canopy walk tourism and eco – tourism in Sao Hill forest plantation, Birds watching. Agro-tourism in tea, forest and avocado plantations, paddy farming in Mbarari.
  • Accessibility and amenities: Accessible by Iringa – Makambako road throughout the year, hotels at Mafinga Town. Golf course, Tourist hotels like Fox, Mufindi Farm.

Kilolo District

Lugalo Village

  • Investment Opportunities: There are 10 acres for investment in restaurant/coffee Centre/Picnic site and information center. 
  • Attractions: Lugalo monument (Kaburi la Nyundo) battle field between German and the Hehe in 1891. There are already some campsites including River Valley Campsite and Masumbo Camp Site along little Ruaha River.
  • Tourist experiences:  Birds watching, Walking tour, Apiary tourism (Kitelewasi Village) and Cultural Tourism.
  • Accessibility and amenities:  Along Tanzania – Zambia Highway 20Kms from Iringa Municipal towards Dar es Salaam. Presence of water and electricity.

Kihesa Mgagao, Nyautwa & Kihansi

  • Investment Opportunities: Campsites and Lodges.
  • Attractions: Presence of Nelson Mandela liberation camp. Nyautwa wetland, Geological sightseeing at a 12 acres rock. Access to Kihansi water falls home to endemic species of spray toad. 
  • Tourist experiences:  Birds watching, Apiary tourism, Cultural Tourism.
  • Accessibility and amenities: About 65 Kms from Iringa Municipal Council. There is water and electricity.

Udzungwa Scarp & Kilombero

  • Attractions: Endemic species of primates e.g. Sanje mangabay, Red colobus Monkey, Rungwecebus Kipunji. Medicinal plants. Magomelema. Serebu Mountain Peak, the 4th highest Mountain in Tanzania, Lulanzi-Magulilwa African socialism villages. T
  • Tourist experiences: Birds watching, Canopy walk, Apiary tourism, Cultural Tourism, Hiking, Traditional basket weaving trails.
  • Accessibility and amenities: Available land for campsites and lodges, water and electricity.

Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism

Southern Highlands Zone.

Fahari Yetu Project

For insight knowledge of eco and cultural tourism  for Iringa.

University of Iringa

For insight knowledge of eco and cultural tourism  for Iringa.

Tanzania Association of Tour Operators

Promotion, development of tour operators business.

Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism

Southern Highlands Zone.

Tanzania Tourism Board

Industry promotion, development, coordination and regulation.

Tanzania Association of Tour Operators

Promotion, development of tour operators business.

  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism

  • Tanzania Tourism Board

  • Tanzania Association of Tour Operators